ACT Extreme Prep
We are so thrilled. My son's score went from a 26 to a 30! His scores improved in all subjects. His greatest jump was from a 23 in English to a 34!!! An 11 point increase! English went from his lowest score to his highest score. Amazing! He was able to jump 2 scholarship levels at the college of his choice. Highly recommend.    Kim W

ACT Extreme Prep Class
I had taken the ACT 4 times before and was stuck at a 27. After attending the course, my score raised to a 30. Throughout the course, I didn't feel there was much of a change in my ability to score better but after getting my scores after test day, that assumption was not true. The class was well worth the investment.    Logan S

worth the money
After taking the self-paced course my daughter was able to raise her composite score from a 29 to a 32. Her highest jump was in English which went from a 27 to 33. Thank you for offering such a great course. She now qualifies for a full ride tuition scholarship at her top choice college.    Traci M

Fantastic Results
My daughter wants to go to a prestigious private university. It didn't look too promising when her first score was a 22. However, after just one 5-week course with allpencilsdown, she launched her score to a 29!! Taking the Extreme course to see if she can push into the 30 range. This is worth every penny!!    Tammy R

great results!
after the act standard prep class my score went from a 23 to a 28!! my greatest jump was my english which went from a 21 to a 32!! definitely worth the time and money!    Mackenzie V

It Helped A Lot!
I did tutoring sessions with George and Nancy and I improve on all four sections of the ACT! I went from a 27 to a 32, and it's because the tutors are excellent at teaching the level of the people they're teaching in ways that a general course or video series fail. I would highly recommend tutoring with them as long as you're willing to put in the work at home too!    Seger B

5 points
My score went up 5 points!    Mattie H

Using this website, my score went up from a 27 to a 33. It really does help you if you struggle with speed and gives great tips and strategies.    Joel R

ACT Prep
I please ask for you to accept my submission into this class as I've been trying to study on my own for the last couple of weeks and I just need a little guidance to achieve the score I need.    Kennedy K

So worth the investment!
The tutoring is an investment, but so worth it. My daughter is a junior and has taken the ACT about 4 times. She had seemingly maxed out at a 31. We decided to make sure we were not leaving anything on the table and to invest in tutoring with George Mizzell. She had a total of 6 tutoring sessions! We just got her scores back today and she made an over all 33 --just what she needed for a full tuition scholarship to Auburn. We are over the moon proud of her. Thank you allpencilsdown for helping our investment pay dividends!    Christy B

5 points up!!!
Our daughter used the self paced course... we live hours away from Birmingham. I only wish she had done it months earlier! Her english score alone went up FIVE points! In fact all her scores went up. Highlyl recommend this course for any student heading toward taking the ACT. Money well spent!!    Connie G

wow... 4 point jump
My daughter had a 22 took to school offered course ($300!) and went up one point to a 23. After taking all pencils down she bumped all the way to 27! Well worth the $400!    Zane H

It made a difference
My son was stuck on 29 after several tries so we decided we needed to do something different. We saw this course offered and decided it was worth the cost if it would help him even come up a point. Well after the 5 classes he took the test and made a 32! He also made his best English (36) and Science (35). I would recommend giving it a try but you also have to be willing to put in the work during.    Chris B

Great Course !!!
My daughter took the ACT and was having trouble with the timing on the test. She took the one day class and learned great tricks to help her manage her time. As a result she jumped up two points on the ACT. Since she did so well, we decided to let her study the online class at her own pace. She just got her results back and she made a 27!!! She jumped 4 points from the last time. Now we are about to do the private tutoring so she can hopefully raise her science score. She is aiming for a 29. All Pencils down is a great class!!!! AE    

Absolutely Amazing Results on SAT Prep
I had one-on-one tutoring with Mr. Mizzell last November and December with hopes of increasing my math score on the SAT. We had a time limit of four weeks. During those four weeks I wanted to be able to increase my math score enough to be able get a full tuition scholarship. I also worked on Rocket Reader to improve my reading skills. My scores went up drastically. My math score was the most dramatic change and was my highest score. I even came very close (the ACT equivalent of one point) to getting a full scholarship. On a side note, I also found out I have tunnel vision, tracking, and focus problems related to my eyes or I think that score would have increased more drastically as well. NJ    

Math Operations
I have never been able to understand coordinates until I started watching Mr. Mizzell teach. When he started explaining shortcuts to find answers, I was overjoyed at how much I had learned. In fact, I was almost in tears because of how happy I was. These videos have been helping me tremendously and I can't be thankful enough. AS    

Improved Score
My daughter went from a 22 on the ACT to a 27 with 1 hour of tutoring from Mr. Mizzel and from the use of the study tools her gave her to use at her convenience. I highly recommend All Pencils Down. KM    

Thank You
: I thoroughly enjoyed doing this class! Thank you so much for these excellent resources and the study materials. I really appreciate the individual answers to the questions; it was very helpful. I went from a 26 to a 29! SB    

ACT Prep
Hey! I would like thank you and this program because it helped me so much!!! I went from a 22 to a 27. I saw improvements in all subjects and I completed each test on time. Thank you soooo muchhh!!!! You do not know how much this means to me. Thank you guys again! CC    

ACT Extreme Prep
My son went from a 28 to a 32 cumulative score!! So excited. We appreciate your help so much and I have recommended you guys to several friends who have rising Juniors. Thanks again! LB    

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